Whitewater and wildlife meet urban culture when you paddle the LA River in Frogtown.

Why LARKS?  Paddle with river locals whose backyard is Frogtown. We are the only tour group that includes  bikes, river lore, and a downstream paddle that is fun, challenging and resplendent with wildlife.  This stretch of the river is by far the best of LA river kayaking and  also home to an emerging river culture of restaurants, coffee shops and art.

New to paddling?  We have time-tuned techniques to teach you fast. By the end of your 3 hour tour, you will be an accomplished urban kayaker.

Season runs May 29- September 30, 2017   SEASON IS OVER FOR 2017   See us Memorial Day 2018  Contact Us for special arrangements, needs, questions.  We love to serve offices, non profit groups and youth.

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