Kayaking Season is over for 2017, We will be back on the river Memorial Day 2018.

See our Contact Page to be informed in advance of sales.   Purchase Certificates for the 2018 Season HERE. 

We primarily guide the river in our “backyard” of Frogtown.   This year we will also offer a limited number of tours in the flow water in Sepulveda Basin stretch.  Contact us for special arrangements.   No booking fees.

Ticket prices:  $75 adults, $70 youth for the 3 hr. bike, instruction, river talk and kayak run—all equipment and gear provided. Mon-Thursday we only take groups or 7 0r 14 and arranged special group trips.  Groups of 7 include some discount during the week.   Fri-Sunday we take any number of paddlers from 1-14.  No discounts.