LA River Kayak Safari is an urban-nature adventure that combines bikes, kayaks, instruction and conversation about the Los Angeles River.   We discuss the past and future of the LA river.  Along the way you learn how to paddle and run small rapids.  We pass through Elysian Valley (Frogtown,)  next to the future State Park.  (* see Special Arrangement Trips below.) Our offerings:

  • Midday Tour : 1.75 miles.  Total trip time is around 3 hours. (12:45pm-3:30pm) including bike ride, instruction, discussion and time on the water.
  • Sunset Safari: 1.75 miles.  Total trip time around 3 hours. (3:45 – 6:45 pm)  including bike ride, instruction, discussion and time on the water.

Both trips are exactly the same in terms of logistics and suitable for paddlers of all skill levels.  To determine if you are in suitable physical condition to join us (most are) please read our trips details PDF:

Download TRIP DETAILS: Physical condition, weight limits, what to bring.

Details:  High end Fluid Kayaks.   Guides who are local, patient, fit and swift-water rescure trained.    Abundant wildlife; we often encounter a plethora of birds and other species, some rare in Southern California.

* Special Arrangement Trips:

(1) Groups building, non profits, educational or camp trips:  Contact us to make special arrangements or simply book at a discount on Monday, Tuesday, Wed, and Thursday.

(2) Occasionally we take a longer trip that is 2.5 miles long.  For intermediate and advanced paddlers only due to a challenging rock navigation stretch.  Contact us to find about upcoming trips, often on Fridays.

(3)  We will run a limited number of trips in the milder Sepulveda stretch of the river.  Contact us for information on how to arrange.